How It Works

See how simple it is to setup your online ordering system and start accepting orders today

Setup your Online Ordering System

Step 1: Create An Account

Register online using the “Get Started” button in the top menu bar or at the bottom of this page

Step 2: Create Your Restaurant

Follow our easy restaurant creation form to setup the basics of system. You can configure your name, opening hours, currency, formats and subscription plan.

Step 3: Setup Your Menus

Use our in-depth menu builder to configure all your available menus and dishes. Create customization options for all your dishes and unique tags to highlight features of dishes

Step 4: Configure Your Settings

Customize how your system will function. Set up your accepted order types and rules. Configure your online payment methods. Connect receipt printers and customize your receipts

Step 5: Design Your Website

Create your own unique and stunning online ordering website design with all your brand colors and images

Step 6: Start Accepting Orders

Inform your customers about your new website. Start accepting orders and manage them through the admin dashboard with the help of automated receipt printing

Steps involved in Accepting Orders

Step 1: Visit Store

Your customers can visit your store at your sub-domain or your own custom domain name which includes a free SSL certificate

Step 2: Choose Order Type

Customers can select their order type from pickup, delivery, dine-in or reservation. Then a due date is set. You can disable any of these order types if needed

Step 3: Add Dish To Cart

Your customer can select a dish to customize it based on the options available. Select the quantity and add a note if needed. Then add it to the cart

Step 4: Review Cart

Customers can review the items added to the cart. Easily edit or remove them if needed. Finally add a promo code if available

Step 5: Manage Orders

Easily manage orders through the order management interface. Update order statuses and estimated wait times. Print out order receipts